So Damn Dirty

From the since-shuttered blog The Hotel Bedspread, by Noah Feldman.

“Why Are hotel bedspreads accused of being so damn dirty?

A. Because they are dirty. God created them dirty and that’s what they are.

B.  Because they don’t wash them.

C.  Because everyone throws them on the floor, in the corner, which is probably the dirtiest spot in the room, and they don’t wash them.

D.  Because it doesn’t matter if they wash them or not.  The fact that everyone throws it on the floor, in the corner, makes them dirty in the first place and might be the real reason they are so damn dirty to begin with.  We are just perpetuating the problem by saying, “throw that on the floor, it’s dirty, they don’t wash them,” then throwing it on the floor, making it dirty.

E.  Because the point of asking that question has nothing to do with hotels or bedspreads and everything to do with being aware of the actions we take everyday that are irrational and based solely on the facts that we have been indoctrinated with since childhood.”

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